Reiman Corp. highlighted in “I Build America” videos

Over the past six decades, we’ve had a unique opportunity to watch our industry grow and change.

One of the biggest shifts we’ve noticed, especially in the last five years, is that fewer and fewer young people are choosing to make their career in construction—and we’re dedicated to changing that.

Not only do we offer an exceptional apprenticeship program (learn more about it here), but we’re also active in organizations that share our goal of bringing the younger generation into the construction industry.

One of the organizations we’re really involved with is Wyoming Young Contractors,” says Reiman Corp. Controller Lauren Reiman. “We’re working hard to build a community of people who are in their early years in the industry to help develop the future of the industry.”

Working just as diligently toward that same goal is the construction software company HCSS. Recently, we were chosen to be part of their fantastic project, “I Build America.” Founded by Mike Rydin, CEO of HCSS, “I Build America” is a movement to ‘generate pride and respect for the construction industry, and to recruit young people into the industry as a rewarding and valuable career.’

As part of that, a film crew came to Wyoming and captured members of Team Reiman Corp. hard at work.

Here are some of the familiar faces you’ll see in those videos, which you can watch at the links listed at the end of this post:

One element of the project we were especially proud to take part in was “Women of Construction,” a video highlighting the valuable contributions that women are making within the construction industry.

When women see other women succeeding in this industry, they can see themselves succeeding in this industry,” says Lauren. “There’s huge opportunity for women in construction! We think in a whole different way than men do, so we fill a different and unique niche—whether that is hands-on building, design, estimating, accounting, safety or human resources.”

As a firm with strong roots in construction, we’re honored to be included in a project that’s as invested in the future of our industry as we are.

To learn more about how you can become part of team Reiman Corp. and be a part of building Wyoming, visit

To watch members of Team Reiman Corp. in “I Build America,” check out the videos below!

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