A New Generation of Reiman Corp.

What does it look like to spend almost 70 years “bridging the Rockies and building Wyoming?”

It looks like connecting communities, through projects like the Casper West Belt Loop and Torrington Streets, and making our roads safer through projects like Pinedale Trappers Point and the Vandehei Roundabout.

It looks like creating places for our community to gather, like Cheyenne’s Depot Plaza, the Community House in Lions Park, and Cheyenne’s first universally accessible playground in Cahill Park.

Though Reiman Corp. initially began as a commercial building contractor, we’ve since grown and evolved to match and meet the region’s needs—and now, we’re growing and evolving again.

Meet the new generation of Reiman Corp.: Updated to reflect who we are as a company and the core values by which we operate.

As we move into the third generation of Reiman Corp., it has been important for all of us to remember where we came from and what we stand for,” reflects Lauren Reiman, Reiman Corp. Controller and part of the new generation rising to the challenge of leading our firm. “Rebranding was just one step to help us re-establish our purpose and values, and to put our name back into the communities where we work.”

We’re excited for the opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with the communities we’ve known for years, as well as offer a handshake of introduction to those we’re meeting for the first time.

“Many transitions are occurring as we move into our 70th year of doing business,” adds Cailey Reiman-Garrett, Reiman Corp. Project Manager. “We are taking on new leadership through President Rich Bolkovatz, seeing young leaders emerge into management positions, and reestablishing our core purpose and values.”

Whether you’re already familiar with Team Reiman, or we’re just meeting for the first time, we invite you to come on in and take a look around!

Visit our Projects page to see what we’ve been working on; learn more about our Core Values and how our team strives to apply them every single day; and feel free to get in touch… we’d love to hear from you!

We’re the new generation of Reiman Corp., and we’re excited for the opportunity to continue to work hard for you.