Wanted: Bridge Superintendent

It takes real grit to be a Bridge Superintendent in Wyoming. 

Reiman Corp. is looking for a dedicated, hard-working Superintendent who’s ready to put his leadership skills and heavy highway experience to use in some of the roughest conditions in the West. 

As a Superintendent, we’ll be relying on your expertise and skill to guide our team through constructing buildings, highways, bridges and other projects. 

Out here in Wyoming, the seasons come in strong; the conditions are often unpredictable; and it takes more than a good attitude to earn your “Wyoming Grit.” 

In fact, you’ll see that very grit in the teams you supervise: They dig in, work hard, and come back for more the next day… even if that’s in bad weather or on challenging terrain. 

Moreso, our team will expect you to rise to the challenge right alongside them—and, if you’ve got the grit, we know you will. 

Our ideal Superintendent:

  • Has 8 to 10 years related experience (or equivalent) in Commercial, Highway or Bridge Construction;
  • Can accurately study specifications to plan procedures for construction, including starting/completion times and staffing requirements for each phase; 
  • Uses exceptional communication skills to engage with supervisory personnel and subcontractors, and coordinate various phases of construction to prevent delays;
  • Has the technical expertise to assist the estimating and pre-construction departments with construct-ability review, estimating and schedules
  • Understands how to resolve construction problems and improve construction methods through collaboration with supervisory and engineering personnel, and inspectors and suppliers of tools and materials; and
  • Believes in upholding the Reiman Corp. values of honesty, integrity, and “Wyoming True Grit” through leading by example. 

At Reiman Corp., our Superintendents are more than just good problem-solvers, excellent communicators, and confident leaders; they’re also willing to earn their grit, and become part of the Reiman legacy of quality and integrity in the process.

Let’s talk about your future at Reiman Corp. 

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